Wine from Grottnerhof: the best of the grape

We are pleased to introduce our four wines to you: Pinot Blanc Pica, Gewurztraminer Tetrix, Sauvignon and Bubo, which is matured in oak Pinot Noir Corax. The long hard work in the vineyard, which is done with a lot of patience, perseverance and attention to detail has brought us these excellent wines. All four wines are named after very strong bird characters - unforgettable, just like the wine itself!

A very special moment for sure is the grape harvest: from September until October, depending on the weather, the grapes are ready to be picked. It is a lot of work, but as you can see from the pictures,
we always have a lot of fun. Should you once wish to help us with the grape harvest,
just let us know and join us!
The wines can be sampled at a wine tasting or in a hotel tower to be enjoyed with a romantic dinner in the Romantik Hotel Turm. Of course you can also buy some wine for your own private wine collection from us.