Wellness weekends with massages at the Wellness Hotel Turm in the South Tyrol

We look forward to welcoming you to our wellness and spa area and pampering you. In all our applications we try to create a strong link to the South Tyrol and thus our traditions keep the experience of our ancestors alive. Apples, dwarf pine, grape seeds and hay are just a few of our secret ingredients ...

Mountain pine oil massage

This classic full body massage, thanks to the choice of mountain pine oil from Trehs in the Sarn Valley, in the South Tyrol, is a really unique experience. The Sarn pine, often referred to as a "mountain blessing" in local traditions is perhaps the oldest plant of the valley, which is also used medicinally. The ethereal mountain pine oil has a soothing effect and stimulates blood circulation too toning up the body, mind and soul with its characteristic resinous fresh forest scent – this really means living as part of nature.
Our tip: before having a spruce mountain pine oil massage book a mountain spruce fir bath!



This stimulating massage treatment, with carefully selected warm apple compresses, invigorates the tissues and muscles by stimulating the flow of energy using natural products. Not only is the apple a particularly popular and common fruit in the South Tyrol, but it also contains important substances such as pectin , flavonoids , vitamins A, B , C and E and is thus an effective weapon against wrinkles and is very good for the heart . Apples, pine oil and our secret blend of spices make this popular massage a wonderful experience. Due to the unique movements of the apples compresses and the heat that flows through the body, you will feel reborn afterwards.


Candles massage

The candle is made of high quality wax and natural plant extracts and burns away leaving a soothing massage balm. This sensually scented aromatherapy oil massage in different perfumes promises total relaxation.


Dorsalis Resonanz Massage

Natural products and a special massage with singing bowls and cupping glasses will help to relax the muscles of your back and will improve the dynamic of the spinal column. The vibrations of the singing bowls have a calming effect and will help to get rid of stress.


Anti-Stress Massage

The ideal solution for those strained back and leg muscles. While the legs are relaxed, the back is massaged under soothing warm lavender compresses.


Gsund Belvita Treatment

The purest South Tyrolean products. The body treatment GSUND Belvita begins with a pleasant and stimulating foot bath and then the whole body is treated with different massage techniques.
The relaxing GSUND Belvita Treatment is particularly soothing for the feet and legs.


Hot Stones

A massage with a difference: instead of using hands, volcanic stones do the massaging!
Thanks to hot lava stones and pleasantly warm sunflower oil’s own healing powers the immune system is activated and deep relaxation is reached.
Simply switch off!

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