Towers and history of the Romantik Hotel Turm

The Hotel Turm is made up of three separate towers: namely the old tower, the Kraiterhaus with its round tower, the newly-built Eulenturm, or ‘Owl Tower’ and the Wagenhaus, or ‘coach house’ each with its own distinctive style. Thanks to its architecture, the hotel has several terraces offering a wonderful panoramic view.
The old "tower" dates back to the 13th century and has over the centuries served as a fortress, courthouse and prison, before finally becoming the inn that our clients appreciate so much today. A local chronicler wrote: “In the winter it came to pass that peasants and serfs of the area would deliberately wait for the snow to block their way home, so they could stay at the inn for days and play cards, drink, argue, share a laugh and give each other a good hiding. The players took turns in taking short breaks for a nap on the bench. Before they left, each had the right to a proper meal on the house: and necessary that was too, what with facing the long hard way home and, worse, their wives' wrath upon arriving home.”

A lot has changed since those days, but one thing has prevailed: the warm and welcoming atmosphere that makes people never want to leave.
Kathi and Stephan Pramstrahler are the third generation to run the place now. Every day they try to be good parents to their three children Sebastian, Maximilian and Magdalena and, at the same time, to do their best best for the guests at the Romantik Hotel Turm.