Grottnerhof Winery

Between the 13th century walls of the Grottnerhofs, we wanted to retain and highlight the same time, that which is a 800 year old tradition. Nevertheless, we also added modern design elements which were partially designed by ourselves. The uniqueness of the closed wine court, which is a listed building, is highlighted by the presence of only two suites. Renovated under strict supervision, you will find elements of modern design in old walls that tell of a time in the 13th century, such as the “Selchküche” with its ceiling dyed black from the smoke of the fires and still functional working oven, or the authentic farmhouse. In the cellar you will still find those old wine barrels that date back to an earlier time. The Grottnerhof is located 450 m above sea level and therefore to reach it you have to descend from Völs (900 m) towards the Eisacktal Valley.