Baths in the spa hotel tower : hay bath, wine bath and romantic bath in the Imperial tub

The romantic wellness hotel tower offers various types of South Tyrolean hay baths:


Traditional Völser Hay baths

Hay baths have long been a tradition here in Völs in the South Tyrol. For over 100 years people have bathed in the hay and enjoyed its beneficial effects. Not just for relaxing, a Völser hay bath is also distinguished by its extraordinary special effect on rheumatism.

In the Wellness Romantik Hotel Turm we use our own hay, which comes from our own pasture on the Seiser Alm. On a square metre of different grasses and flowers you can find up to about 70 species of grass and flowers and it is this diversity of species which grow only in uncontaminated meadows above 1800m which is the secret of the effect of our traditional hay.

To gain the most benefit from this treatment, you should book at least 5 hay bath for five consecutive days.


Outstanding wine bath

Our wine bath on hot stones is a special experience that you can enjoy alone or with your partner. First, you get a full body enzymatic exfoliation with a cold-pressed wine pomade, which thanks to the fruit acids gently removes the dead skin cells and leaves your skin feeling very soft . You will then be pampered with a soothing grape seed oil massage on a hot stone bed. So that you feel the special effect of grape seeds and wine not only from outside but also from within, during this treatment we will serve you with a glass of South Tyrolean Lagrein, because what would a wine bath be without a glass of wine?


Romantic Emperor

Our baths in the big hydro massage pools with bell-shaped jets are not only very romantic for you and your partner, they are also very nourishing for your skin. Like Cleopatra you will be pampered with a mixture of milk, honey and oil while the extra-foamy apple yoghurt bath revitalizes; the herbal oil bath, with a blend of 12 different herbs (chamomile, calendula, mallow, yarrow, hops, St. John's wort, cornflower, thyme, lemon balm, peppermint, lady's mantle, sage) is particularly relaxing. So the romance does not wear off, you will be accompanied at these baths by lots of candlelight and a glass of champagne.


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