The Romantik Hotel Turm - Holidays in South Tyrol

“The average gives the world its substance, the exceptional gives it value.”
(Oscar Wilde)

Your own holiday ought to be the highlight of the year and should be spent in a memorable place. No matter the season, your holiday experience cannot be run-of-the-mill, rather it has to be a cut above the average, it must be something truly extraordinary...
Discover the Hotel Turm in the South Tyrol, a place of contrasts yet somehow in perfect harmony: modern design set in historic walls dating back to the 13th century, a wellness area with its own unique style, the enticing flavours of the kitchen and cellar carved out of the bare rock all come together leaving nothing to be desired. All this surrounded by inspiring panoramic views. South Tyrolean hospitality and friendliness abound in a truly unique environment, with paintings by Picasso, Kokoschka or Dix to enhance your stay creating romantic moments and lasting memories.

Welcome to the Romantik Hotel Turm at the foot of the Dolomites - a timeless place just waiting to be enjoyed!

Your Family Pramstrahler

Golf offers

Golf at the feet of the mountain Schlern: a more beautiful scenery is almost impossible. The 18-hole golf course St. Vigil Seis is open since summer 2006...


Cookery courses

Cookery lessons with our chef Stefan have become a popular tradition in our hotel. He is more than happy to have you look over his shoulder and let you in on some of the tricks of his trade...


Wellness packages

Discover wellness in South Tyrol and according to the South Tyrolean way, in the Wellness and Romantik Hotel Turm: in the Turm the individual flair and unique...